Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where we answer the most common questions you might have. We cover things like your scheduling, warranty info,  etc. Check out the examples below.

Do I have to get 3 estimates on my car?

No, the consumer to choose any shop to repair their vehicle. Your insurance company is required to work with the shop of your choice and, in good faith, arrive at an agreed price to repair your car.

What are OEM, Aftermarket, and Recycled Parts?

OEM – (Original Equipment Manufactured) by your vehicle’s factory supplier. Aftemarket – Copied from the original factory part and manufactured by a 3rd party supplier. Mainly manufactured overseas and imported into the US. Recycled Part – An original factory part taken off of a vehicle that has been retired from service.

How do you determine how long it takes to repair a vehicle?

Repair time is typically a function of labor hours on the job. Some makes and models or specific parts might not be available locally and a shop will add in days to acquire those parts, but 4 labor hours per day on the estimates, not including weekends or holidays, is a good guide. Some insurance companies and shops will differ. Please ask your Estimator or Service Representative to explain how your shop sets its repair time.